The Ultimate Calf Stretch

Guys… you need this calf stretch in your life. For those who’ve suffered plantar fasciitis, or for those of you ladies who like your heels- this post is for you. If you’ve suffered from foot pain, you’ve heard how necessary it is to stretch your calf mussels to relieve pressure on your plantar fascia (the […]

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The Cloud Mat

Hey guys… I’ve found the cushiest, cutest shower mat! And it’s SUPER affordable. One of the hardest things to do when I first injured my feet was to stand barefoot in the shower. Shower floors tend to be made of very unforgiving materials and for sensitive or injured feet, it’s hard to work around. Everyday, […]

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New Shoes

Grasshoppers’ Jade: Sporty-Casual, All Day Shoe

I’ve talked about Grasshoppers before. It’s the kind of brand that definitely puts comfort first. I already had their gray, Windham Stripe boat shoes and wanted to give this neutral, versatile style a try too. They resemble something in-between TOMS and those trendy slip-ons you see so much today. I also like the look of […]

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