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Anthropologie Holiday Shoes!

December 19, 2018

It took me about a month…


but I finally found the perfect holiday shoes to go with my green velvet dress from Lulu’s!


I had ordered a pair of red suede pumps from Aersoles, but they didn’t work out. I almost settled on a pair of Naturalizers too, but when I came across these golden stunners, I knew they were the ones! I had originally envisioned a gold shoe. I also needed it to be close-toed for our Christmas vacation in Pennsylvania. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find that combination. But then, there they were, sitting on the pretty white shelves of Anthropologie almost winking at me with their shiny, golden sheen.



I tried them on in a 7 1/2 (my usual size for heels- I’m supposedly a true 7, but you don’t want your heels to be too tight!) They are pointy-toed, so I tried on the size 8 as well just to make sure I didn’t need to go a size up (you may have to go a half size up for a pointy shoe). The 7 1/2’s were the right size. I have a very narrow foot and that combined with the fact that it’s a wider pointed-toe (an 80’s trend that is very much in style again), my toes didn’t feel too cramped. So if you have a wider foot, these may not be the best shoe for you. 



Would I wear these shoes all day? Probably not. But for a festive, holiday celebration or two- they’re just fine. The heel height is a perfect 2 1/2- 3/4 inches (my perfect dressy heel hight). And it’s a block heel, so that makes them more supportive than a stiletto (which I NEVER do). The footbed doesn’t have any padding so I will be using some sticky heel pads (I get them from Walgreens but you can get them HERE!). The mixed leather and synthetic upper material is a little stiff at first, so I had to stretch it out a bit with my hands before wearing them.

The look of the shoe is YULETIDE PERFECTION! Anthropologie knows how to make everything look gorgeously vintage and brand new at the same time -and these shoes are no exception. The grain of the leather upper has a beautiful, visual texture that makes you think of holiday celebrations past. The gold color (which the website calls “bronze”) is stunning and the shape of the toe is reminiscent of the 80’s- a very big trend right now.



I’ve never bought shoes from Anthropologie before, but I always thought they looked well made with great materials. The only thing that swayed me from past purchases was the price. But I happened to be walking into the store while they were having a 30% off sale and I got to steal these for $90.00! I was actually shopping for a Christmas present for my mother who loves the store (as do I). So it IS better to try and give because sometimes you find the perfect shoe. I think that’s how that saying goes. 😉



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