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Classic Penny Loafers – “Milo” by Naturalizer

May 22, 2019

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to grow up. I couldn’t wait to be a grown woman, with a job, a car, etc. I also wanted to look like the inspiring women I saw around me. One of the items I would catch these women wearing were the classic, gorgeous staple– loafers. They have such a sophisticated look to them. So, naturally, I’ve secretly wanted a pair ever since. I’ve bought loafer-like flats before, but this pair of sleek, black leather beauties are the real deal. And the best part about them?? I feel like I’m wearing slippers! 



The “Milo” Penny Loafer by Naturalizer is now one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own…

  • No breaking in
  • No blistering (like some flats)
  • No stiffness
  • Just complete comfort, right from the start. 
  • AND I only paid $50.00 for all of that comfort and quality! (I found them at DSW)


The footbed is a complete dream with great support and thick, soft cushioning. I’ve seen footbeds like this by Naturalizer before- though only certain styles have them. And I lucked out with these! 



So if you’re looking for that quintessential, everyday shoe– a shoe that you feel so comfortable in while still looking well-dressed, then the “Milo” Penny Loafer maybe just the right shoe for you. I know it is for me!

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