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“Corvina” Sport Sandals by Comfortiva

April 10, 2019

Yes, you can be sporty and cute.

Yes, you can gear up for a day full of motion and still look fashionable in the process. I give to you the “Corvina” by Comfortiva. 




This is not my first time ordering shoes with Comfortiva. And there’s a reason why I keep coming back. They care about comfort and style- just like me. Another thing I like about them is they seem to vary how they make their different styles and how they construct comfort, so people of different foot types can find buy from the brand. Not every foot is the same after all. 



But back to these shoes…


What I LOVE about them…

Full-grain leather uppers

Both straps are adustable for the perfect, secure fit. 

microfiber footbed lining (which is extremely smooth to the touch)

cushioned heel

lightly padded footbed

nice gradual incline for support

flexible, rubber outsole with gripping


It appears at the moment, they’re running low in the “walnut” color on the Comfortiva site, but it looks like they have more sizes in the black. And I also see more colors on Amazon. I will give you both links below!



These shoes have me jumping and twirling because when you have comfort and style, you realize you are limitless. 




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