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Floor Mats for Tired Feet

February 25, 2019

Today, I thought I’d share a little home hack that’s helped me a lot…


When my husband and I bought our house here in the OC, I realized that I would have to make some adjustments due to the fact that we just came from a one bedroom apartment that had lush carpet throughout. Our new house had gorgeous, floors, but they were unforgiving on the feet, especially the tile floors in our kitchen. I started to worry about my feet holding up when having to stand for long periods of time when cooking, or washing the dishes.



We were in Walmart one day, getting some house essentials when I spotted these floor mats in the kitchen section. I’d seen them before in stores and other friend’s houses, but I had never used them myself. I picked 2, thick mats that were similar to our tile colors in hopes to have them blend in without introducing another color into our kitchen’s pallet.



I bought 2 so I could put one in front of the sink and one in front of the stove (the two places I would be standing the most). The mats themselves were so cheap, so this was truly a bargain problem solver.



Let me tell you, these mats have saved my feet from overtiring. I don’t have to worry while cooking a fun, new dish. I can take my time cleaning my plates, pots, and pans too. And if you still don’t want the actual mat to show, buy a cute accent rug to throw on top that expresses your house’s esthetic!



Life’s so much better being as carefree as possible. Don’t you think?



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