How to Make Your Flat Shoes More Comfortable

June 23, 2018

First thing I want to say is: if you have foot problems, you want to avoid flat shoes that are just, well, flat- the ones that don’t have any kind of added support. I’m talking about all the shoes with paper thin insoles out there.

However, with shoes that have a little more to offer when it comes to the sole of the shoe (even if they don’t necessarily have good arch support) you can make them work.


That’s right!  Your Vans, Converse, moccasins, boat shoes, slip-ons, loafers, & more! You can make them ALL more comfortable and possibly the most comfortable shoes you own.


For flat shoes, I use Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotic Insoles for Heel Pain for Women (size 5-12). Out of all the insoles I’ve tried, these are the most natural feeling and the most pain relieving when it comes to uneven pressure created by my foot. There is a gradual arch support that isn’t too high or hard in anyway. (I had custom orthotics made for me once that were soft on the ball of my foot, but had a very hard arch that caused my feet to stay enflamed). They also have a nice, natural dip for the heel to rest in.



These insoles are rubber and cushioned throughout. Though there is no cushion for the ball of the foot, I find the balance perfect for my flat shoes because with the support on my arch, there is no added pressure to the ball of my foot. Therefore, there is no pain there. The fact that they are pretty slim, lightweight, and don’t take up the whole circumferance of the foot, makes them easy to slip into your shoes without making them too tight (and you don’t want tight shoes!). I take them along with me if I go shoe shopping if they’re not already in my shoes just so I can make sure to get the right size.



Shoes I wear them with…

1. My house slippers: I have these soft, moccasin slippers I wear in the house, since I can’t go barefoot for too long. They fit right in and make the slippers one of the most comfortable things I put on my feet.

2. My work loafers: I found the cutest loafers that seemed to have a little support added. But when I pop these insoles in, they feel like heaven AND I can wear them all day while still looking stylish and professional.

3. My flat tennis shoes: The tennis shoes I have look like Vans, or Converse and when I put these insoles in them, it gives them the support they are lacking.



(My husband uses the men’s version of these insoles for his shoes as well. He also loves them.)



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