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Rain Boots!

February 5, 2019

Rain boots…

They’re not something you encounter often here in SoCal. But lately, it’s been unprecedently rainy! So I thought I had to grab myself some, so my feet wouldn’t be soaked everywhere I go.

And can I say, not only do I think rain boots are a classic, necessary staple to a girl’s wardrobe, but they’re usually pretty comfortable as well.



Why? because they’re often made of rubber or a rubber-like material which helps shock absorption. I usually have to add some additional support/padding to mine. But that’s also fine with me since rainboots usually tend to be slightly roomier than other boots.

So I went looking for rain boots online. I wanted them to be similar to the Chelsea-bootie style. To my surprise, J. Crew had this classic pair on sale! I love the sleek yet casual style- so versatile. They already had slight arch support, so I added my DreamWalk insoles which just add extra cushion. They only come in whole sizes, and the reviews said they ran small. So I ended up going a whole size up (size 9 instead of my usual size 8) which worked perfectly with adding the extra insole.



All of that to say, if you struggle with foot pain, or finding comfortable shoes, rain boots are a great option for your wardrobe for those rainy days!


 Get them here!

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