The Heel Hack

July 21, 2018


I’m talking about heels.

I know, I know… It’s complicated. Our culture has made us LOVE heels, but the truth is, they don’t love us back. I don’t know how many women I’ve talked to since I started experiencing foot pain who wear their 6 inch heels for a night, grin and bear it, only to end up paying for it for the rest of the week. But ladies, there is a better way… if you’re willing to get creative.

Honestly, I don’t believe women should be wearing 6 inch stilettos in the first place. It just isn’t good for our over-all foot health in the long run. Ask any podiatrist in the field.

And for those of you who seriously need to say goodbye to those KILLER heels, I highly recommend reading Mary Karr’s article from the New Yorker, “Down with High Heels.”


But what do we do for formal events, or for going out with the girls, or going on a date?

Let me share some tricks that work for me….


1. Start with the right kind of shoe:

OK… how high is too high? For me, it’s anything that’s past 3 inches (not including a platform). And if you have a more serious foot problem than I do, I would recommend no higher then 2 – 2 1/2 inches. Because the higher the shoe, the more uneven pressure you put on the ball of your foot. I find anything higher than 2 1/2 will start to add unwanted pressure in that area. If you’re dealing with platforms, you can go a little higher as long as your measuring the hight from the top of the platform to the top of the heel.


Now lets talk stability: The thicker the heel, the more stable the shoe. And the more stable the shoe, the more stable your foot is and the more even the pressure will be throughout your foot. I find even 2 inch stilettos can still hurt my feet because of the wobbliness of the heel that creates uneven pressure. That means wedges, block heels and thicker kitten heels that gradually come to a point are what you’re looking for. This also goes for the heels on your stylish boots and booties. And thank goodness those are all styles you can find trending today.


2. How to add comfort:

After you’ve found a cute, practical, dress shoe, you may still need to make it more comfortable depending on your foot needs. I have 2 go-to items I use to help me out with this.

a. Stick-on heel pads:  You can stick them on to the sole of any heel and no one will ever notice since your feet cover them. This adds much-needed padding and cushion to your already stable heels. I usually use Walgreens Fashion Insoles.



b. Cushy, rubber insoles for close-toed shoes: I use Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk 16 Hour Shoe Insoles for all my boots and booties. I have 2 different pairs of 2 1/2- inch heel booties by Franco Sarto that already have great support. But when I stick these babies in them, it gives the extra cushion they need to walk and stand in them completely care-free. What’s great about these insoles is that since they are made of rubber, they not only cushion your foot, but they also provide great shock absorption. However, because these insoles are a little thick, when picking out shoes to wear with them, you may have to go up a half size. The best way to know is to take them along with you when you do your shopping. Also, the label says they’re for flats, but I would disagree.



There you go! Now feel FREE to dress up for that night out.  🙂

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