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The Last Sandals of Summer – “Mai Easy” from Born

September 11, 2018

It’s really hard to find this sleek, minimal style in a comfort sandal, and Born comes the closest out of any other brand I’ve seen with the Mai Easy. This cute, minimal style is to die for. Visually, this sandal makes your legs look long and feminine. It has more support than the average flat sandal- which let’s face it, those flat, board-like sandals don’t have any support whatsoever for anyone’s feet. And the materials are durable with premium leather straps.



I was able to walk comfortably in these for the few hours while I was at the fair. The “Mai Easy” has a flexible rubber outsole with some padding throughout the footbed. However, besides the slightly gradual incline toward the heel, there isn’t too much arch support. So those who have high arches, may not be able to wear these for long periods of time. There were also one or two reviews (out of many positive reviews) that mentioned the straps rubbing against the back of their ankles. I too noticed this a little. But after I loosened the straps, it wasn’t so bad.

So overall, I would say the Mai Easy is a cute, classic, versatile sandal staple for your summer wardrobe with slightly more support than it’s average competitors.





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