The Ultimate Calf Stretch

August 31, 2018

Guys… you need this calf stretch in your life.

For those who’ve suffered plantar fasciitis, or for those of you ladies who like your heels- this post is for you. If you’ve suffered from foot pain, you’ve heard how necessary it is to stretch your calf mussels to relieve pressure on your plantar fascia (the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot). Through my foot recovery, I was recommended many different ways to stretch out my calves. But most of those ways didn’t make me feel like I was stretching anything at all, besides stretching the length of time waisted. 

Finally, one of the last doctors I went to recommended this stretch. I told him how I had been doing all sorts of exercises and stretches but felt nothing and saw no improvement. “Well then you haven’t tried this one…” he said to me with great assurance. He then proceeded to show me how- by lining my foot up against the wall as parallel as naturally possible- and then, finally… I felt the calf stretch of my life. I could actually feel the tension releasing from the bottom of my foot. In the beginning, he recommended I do about an hour a day, stretching each calf for two minute increments and alternating back and forth. After a while, I did 20 minutes a day and now I do about 15 minutes every other day, or every few days. I plan on continuing this routine for as long as I live to keep up with my progress.

That’s the thing… taking care of yourself is a continuous, never ending process. And it’s so important. Take it from me, I didn’t take care of myself as much as I should have before my injury. So remember, make time to rest, stretch and take care of yourself!


For more detailed information on how to do this stretch, check out this youtube video:


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