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December 23, 2017



Ok… Ok…Let’s talk. There’s a shoe out there that’s gorgeous, comfortable and perfect for your holiday shoe collection. They are Naturalizer’s 90th Anniversary Adelle shoe!

Wow! Talk about stunners….

The moment I saw them online, it was love at first site (literally)! As someone who struggles with sensitive feet, it’s so hard to find a shoe you actually LOVE visually, but is still sensible for your foot needs. In other words, when it happens, it’s magic- the perfect fit. Regardless of the fact that Naturalizer is a noted comfort brand, if I were to have seen these shoes anywhere, I would have gawked. These are definitely, completely MY style.



These shoes are dressy with a sexy, vixen-like, vintage flare. They also have a classy distinct, look about them. You will be sure to be the only girl wearing this exact style to the party. They are velvet which makes them a PERFECT holiday shoe. However, I absolutely plan on wearing these to dressy occasions outside the holiday season as well.

Needless to say, I bought these beauties and I’m SO GLAD I DID! I ordered the black because I’ve learned for myself that neutral is the way to go in order to make my shoes count with the most outfit choices. They do also come in a GORGEOUS bordo/blood red color. First, they were comfortable right out of the box (this almost never happens for me). They have built in padding all over the sole of the shoe and a little more added at the ball of the foot as well. The sole’s heel dips in a bit so that your heel naturally rests into the shoe in order to avoid pressure on the area. I may still put some padding on them like I usually do for all my dressy heels and wedges (most likely those thin sticky heel pads you can get at CVS). Although, I did do my entire photo shoot without my usual, additional padding and I experienced no pain!



They’re platforms so they are VERY sturdy. And they look higher without making your foot slant too much (which can create uneven pressure on your feet). I will say that I was surprised to definitely be a 7 1/2 since I usually am more of a 7 with heels (though once in a blue moon, I am a 7 1/2). So if you are like me and like to try on 2 different shoe sizes to get the right fit, you may end up with the larger half size. The velvet looks just as thick and luxurious in person as it is to the touch!

I really cannot say enough about these black beauties!






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