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Unexpected Finds & Shoe Bargains : Anniversary Shoes

October 3, 2018

For those of us with sensitive or injured feet, we know how important good quality shoes are. This usually means having to pay a pretty penny in the process. It’s usually safe to say that those $20-$40 dollar shoes that are right on trend are probably a miss when it comes to comfort. However, there are unicorns out there. That’s right. Once in a while, I come across a shoe in this price range that happens to hold up to my foot needs. A common place I find shoes like this are at Ross, Marshalls, or T.J.Maxx because they always have marked-down, quality brands.



But I’ve been surprised to find shoes that work for me in unexpected places. And that’s exactly what you have to do to find the right shoes for you. You go on your instinct of what you know works for your feet and you have to be willing to try whatever you see that may align with that. And that’s what I did when my husband and I walked into the sweetest little boutique in historic Downtown Orange during our anniversary weekend. I ‘ve been coveting a pair of chunky, wooden shoes for quite some time now and when I saw these cuties out of the corner of my eye, sitting pretty on a shelf, I had to check the price tag…


…They were $29.99.




Immediately I thought, “No way. They’re probably cheaply made and won’t be smart to buy.” But then I thought…”Wait a second… they’re only $29.99. Why not just try them on?” So I did, and to my pleasant surprise, they were very, very comfortable. They were also pretty sturdy which I wasn’t expecting at all. The platform allowed my feet to sit comfortably with just a slight slant. The footbed was made of a surprisingly thick, soft, spongy, rubbery material that felt amazing. The shoe met all my personal requirements: soft, sturdy, and supportive. My husband insisted he buy them for me and it was a done deal.

So don’t be afraid to try on that bargain shoe in that unexpected place.

You’ll never know until you try.

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