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Comfortable Winter Boots

November 8, 2018

It’s getting chilly… which means… it’s time to get out the winter wardrobe!

I love the change the seasons bring, so I enjoy changing things up from season to season when it comes to what I wear. And when it comes to winter wear, I love the layers, the darker, richer colors, the chunky sweaters and… the boots!

I’ve been looking for a sleek, pair of black boots that I can wear for the days when I’m on my feet for longer periods of time. I had bought some sandals this past summer from Comfortiva, so I thought I would check out what they might have. I found this pair of Chelsea-like booties from their last year’s inventory on some other sites and bought them right away. (A perk of getting shoes from the previous year is that they’re usually marked down quite a bit).



What I’m loving about the Comfortiva Women’s Salara:


  • Good, soft arch support: The footbed has this natural, gradual arch that has just the right amount of arch support. The material is also soft to the touch. They felt comfortable right out of the box.
  • Great Materials: The shoe is made of nice, durable leather
  • Perfect outsole: I had bought a pair of boots similar to these from a different comfort brand (that shall remain nameless) and because part of the heel was made of a very hard wood, it gave me heel pain and flare-ups. Fortunately, these shoes have a great, thick rubber outsole which is perfect for shock absorption and not as hard on your heels.
  • Shape: The toe is a gorgeous almond shape which means there’s plenty of room for your toes!
  • Heel: The heel height is 1 1/4 inches which works great for extended walking and standing.
  • Fit: They are very true to size. I didn’t have to size up as much as I usually would for boots.



This shoe is perfect for all-day winter wearing. I know I can go Christmas shopping, hiking for a Christmas tree or run errands before the holidays in these while still feeling sophisticated and fashionable.

I love these so much, that I’ve been peaking at some of Comfortiva’s cute, new boots for this winter and let’s just say… I’m feeling the temptation.



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